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Elegance In Flooring.

Bringing a style only a real wood floor can bring, be it a brand new floor, a floor replacement or a floor repair, City Flooring Edinburgh can help.

Everything Customized to YOU

As with each tree, each plank of wood from that tree


Parquet, Traditional Modern , Oak Maple, Engineered .. so many choices in style …we can assist


Floor layout can be as important as the floor itself, we can advise the best layout to suit.


Varnish, Wood Stain, Natural … The choice of finish can be as important as the floor itself, Let our experts help you choose.

Floor Sanding Edinburgh

Looking for Floor Sanding Edinburgh? We have been installing and maintaining flooring in and around Edinburgh for over a decade with the combined experience of our personnel stretching back much further.
City Flooring Services use our personal history and experience with all kinds of flooring from the antique to the modern so that we can provide you with the best possible ambiance for your home.

We look forward to adding your families heritage to our own.

From The Blog

Some of the latest news from City Flooring Edinburgh

Stockbridge Hardwood Mahogany Flooring

We have just completed a stunning Hardwood Mahogany Floor for a customer in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. The floor also included a few small steps finished in the same beautiful Mahogany, We then finshed the floor with 3 coats of oilbase floor varnish to really bring out...

Let us help choose the right Solid Wood Floor

Solid Wood floors are not only stunning to look at, its also softer and warmer underfoot than you may think. Add this to it’s easy cleaning and its anti allergy ease of care, why wouldn’t you choose a Solid Wooden floor Solid wood floors are regularly known to last...

Choosing the right floor for your kitchen

For a kitchen floor, ease of clean and of course durability have to be the main reason for choosing a solid wood floor for your kitchen. Ceramic tiles are another popular choice, but of over the years your house, as most house do, moves a little, then your tiles will...

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